Since 2008, the Maud Fontenoy Foundation (a non-profit organisation recognised for its public service) has worked in France and abroad to save the oceans. Supported by the French Ministry of Education, the French Ministry of Ecology, UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, and our own scientific committee, we lead educational initiatives with both young people and the general public. Our goal, both ecological and social, is this: OCEANS ARE HUMANITY'S FUTURE    ...learn +

Oceans are our future – let’s protect them!
Becoming aware
Educating others
Taking action

The ocean quenches people’s thirst


of water have evaporated from the oceans, thanks to the sun, since you’ve been online – this amount is equivalent to an Olympic-sized swimming pool evaporating every three minutes.

The oceans regulate our climate and guarantee fresh water on Earth.

Source: UNESCO and Planetoscope

611 960 écoliers

54,280 primary schools

have become aware of the importance of access to clean water and of the dangers of sea pollution, as well as understanding the water cycle, thanks to teaching packs developed with UNESCO and distributed free each year since 2009.
Schoolchildren using our packs have undertaken to save water at school and at home.

The ocean feeds people

metric tons

of fish have left the sea to feed humans since you’ve been online. This is equal 4,598 kilos a second.

The ocean feeds over half the world’s population.

Source: The United Nations and Planetoscope

12 551 Signataires

7017 middle schools

have become aware of the role marine biodiversity plays – it is our ‘stockpot’, our ally against pollution, our pharmacy and so much more – thanks to teaching packs developed with UCIN and distributed free each year since 2009.
Middle school students who’ve used our packs have undertaken to eat fish that is in season and not under threat of overfishing.

The ocean allows humans to breathe

kg of CO2

have been captured by the oceans since you’ve been online – 800 kg a second.

The ocean is the planet’s most active lung. It produces over 50% of the oxygen we breathe.

Source: UNESCO and Planetoscope

13 500 vacanciers

58 400 holiday-makers

have become aware of the ocean’s importance through taking part in our annual summer beach tour along the French coast. This event, which started in 2009, is organised with the support of the French Coastal Protection Agency (Conservatoire national du littoral).

Young people who’ve taken part in the Foundation’s educational workshops have undertaken to reduce their levels of rubbish, and to act in environmentally responsible ways on beaches and at home.